Welcome to Mining Equipment Maintenance (MEM)


Mining Equipment Maintenance (MEM)

one of Central Queensland’s leading maintenance and service providers.

Extensive operations in Rockhampton, coupled with our dedicated team and critical mass, ensures we provide quality workmanship to our clients on time and as promised.

We are continually recognized in the resource and industrial sectors, as a testament to our exceptional products and service.

  • Mining equipment repairs and rebuilds

    Mining Equipment Maintenance (MEM) carries out complete overhauls on a range of heavy mining equipment as well as total machine rebuilds.

  • Fabrication and design

    Mining Equipment Maintenance (MEM) can provide a range of fabrication services, from major body rebuilds to minor weld repairs.

  • Light and medium vehicle maintenance

    All service and repairs are undertaken within our premises and maintain our high standards of quality workmanship at all times.

  • Field services

    Mining Equipment Maintenance (MEM) offers a complete range of fully qualified tradespeople for onsite repairs and maintenance.

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